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Romanian children need the Lord.

These students of a Christian school in Romania learn about godly living with ICP Character Code for Life series. Beginning in 2002, ICP has made available a Sunday school curriculum in Romania.


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Filipino children receive rice and clothing.

Five thousand kilos, or 11,023 pounds, of rice was distributed to 422 families near the ICP/Amazing Grace Baptist Church office on Jun 1, 2020. Each family received ten kilos (22 pounds) of rice. A total of 422 families, about 1,250 children, have a week's supply of rice.  We were honored to have the escorts by the Philippine Police unit where Jeremiah Abay, ICP director in th Philippines, conducts values training sessions.

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Kenyan children need the Lord.

Working with churches and missionaries, ICP has provided thousands of Bible study booklets for the children of Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan.


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Burmese children need the Lord.

This young man from a Kayan state village in eastern Myanmar is preparing to attend his first Character Code for Life class session. The curriculum was made available in March 2018.

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