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ICP Curriculum - Teens, God's Charcter And Me

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God's Character and Me

 This new curriculum for teens and adults is composed of six modules. Each module includes six units of three lessons each for a total of eighteen lessons.

 Small group classes in churches, Chrisitan schools and families will find the studies interesting and informative..

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Filipino children need the Lord.

ICP has provided Bibles, Bible study books, school books, clothing and milk feeding for children of the Philippine Islands for more than fifteen years.

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Kenyan children need the Lord.

Working with churches and missionaries, ICP has provided thousands of Bible study booklets for the children of Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan. Learn More

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Burmese children need the Lord.

This young man from a Kayan state village in eastern Myanmar is preparing to attend his first Character Code for Life class session. The curriculum was made available in March 2018. Learn More