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You can see it in their eyes.

Coronovirus has become a world-wide problem. The chldren of the Philippines are especially vulnerble. This mother and son hardly know when their next plate of rice will come.

Along with proclaiming the gospel of salvation to these precious people, it is also needful to supply as much food as we can. ICP USA has been involved in humanitarian ministries through the office in the Philippines where we are known as His Offspring Ministry. While many thousands of Bibles, Bible study materials for children and gospel tracts have been distributed, His Offspring Ministry has also help victims of floods, typhoons and poverty.

Rice distribution for Filipino children.

Video of rice distribution to Filipino children on June 1, 2020. Thanks to churches and individuals in the USA, ICP/His Offspring Ministry was blessed to distribute 5,000 kilos of rice to the children living near the office building. The rice was purchased from a Filipino rice mill and delivered as one hundred bags of fifty kilos, about 110 pounds, each. Jeremiah Abay, with the help of volunteers from Amazing Grace Baptist Church, re-packaged the rice in bags of ten kilos, or about twenty-two pounds. These were placed in bags along with clothing for the children, and distributed with the help of the Philippine Police squadron, who also served as security. The volunteers delivered the gift bags to 422 households. Because of the Covid 19 lockdown, family members met the volunteer at their door and were given the gift bag along with a track about salvation. We are especially thankful to all those who made contributions make this distribution possible! Please enjoy the video.

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Fipilino youngster thankfully recieves rice. June 1, 2020.

Five thousand kilos, or 11,023 pounds, of rice was distributed to 422 families near the ICP/Amazing Grace Baptist Church office on Jun 1, 2020. Each family received ten kilos (22 pounds) of rice. A total of 422 families, about 1,250 children, have a week's supply of rice. We were honored to have the escorts by the Philippine Police unit where Jeremiah Abay, ICP director in th Philippines, conducts values training sessions.

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Pillow case dresses for the girls.

This precious little girl and her mother are so thankful to have a new dress during the COVID-19 pandemic. In additon to the rice, the chldren were given clothing as part of the ICP/His Offspring Ministry effort to help those surrering because of the pandemic.

These dresses were provided by caring ladies in the United States, who carefully and lovingly hand-made each dress. We are thankful for those who donate their time and talant to helping the children!

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