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ICP Curriculum - Character Clubs!

Churhes may now use the Character Code for Life curriculum as the basis of their Character Clubs!

Now available to download, you will find complete instructions for conducting the clubs for your children from age 3 through grade 6. Simply follow the links below to open PFD files, download the files and print for your own use. The files are free for your to use with your Character Clubs.

To Open the "Character Club Director & Teacher Manual," CLICK HERE.

To Open the "A Parent's Guide to Character Clubs," CLICK HERE.

To open the "Club Forms," CLICK HERE.        |        Or you may click on the image below.

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Character Club Director and Teacher Guide

In this manual and in the "Character Club Forms" documents at right, you will find all the information you will need to establish a Character Club in Your Church. When used along with the Character Code for Life values formation curriculum, you will be able to encourage your children to conform their lives to the moral principles of God. All directors and club leaders should have a personal copy of this guide.

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A Parent's Guide to Character Clubs

It is important for parents to be involved in the values formation of their children. This parent's guide will help your children's parents to understand the imortance of encouraging the unchanging character values of God. Parents will have the information needed to understand the goals and purposes of their children in Character Clubs. Club directors will want to make the guide available to all parents.

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Character Club


It is important to keep records of character club member's progress for the nine years of their club life. These forms will enable the directors and club leaders to keep accurate records of each member. Pleae feel free to download and make as many copies of these forms as you will need for all of the clubs with which you will be working.

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